Supercharge Our Sleep Before Bed With Meditation

supercharge our sleep before bed with meditation

I believe we all know how important getting a good night sleep is. Sleep is our minds and bodies’ reset button. Just like our phones, our body needs to recharge as well. It will help us to get ready for a brand new day. However, nowadays, most of us hardly get enough sleep and keep on turning and tossing all night long. Unable to get the rest we need, we will feel foggy and tired the next morning, wishing to go back to bed.

Having sleeping problems shouldn’t be a joke as it will affect us on a daily basis. Most of us aren’t aware of the physical effects that sleep deprivation can have on our body. It actually can lead us to obesity, heart disease, and many other life-threatening problems. Hence, to avoid it, we can supercharge our sleep before bed with meditation.


How can it help us to sleep better?

In a study, it shows that 58% of the participants have an improved sleep quality for doing meditation. 91% of the participants were also able to reduce or eliminate the use of sleep aids such as pills when doing meditation before bed.

But how does it work? For starters, the purpose of meditation is to relieve stress. It works by activating the autonomic nervous system which enables us to breathe deeper and sleep better. Meditation puts us into a calm state of mind and helps us leave the stress of living in a fast-paced world behind.

How we meditate will be different from one another. It depends on what you like and prefer. Have you heard of Vipassana meditation? Vipassana means insight into the true nature of reality. This style is helpful especially for people suffering from anxiety. It’s also one of the best meditation practices we can do.


How do you do it?

The main idea is to focus on a couple of things at a time. It could be the sound of your breathing or the wall in front of you. Let this be a nightly routine where you can sit down with your favorite book or tea. To avoid any distractions, you can turn off your phone while doing it. Focusing on one simple thing will help you to pay more attention and feel more relaxed.

Once it becomes your habit, you’ll start to see some positive changes. You’ll be calmer, relaxed, and ready for a good night’s sleep.