The Bright Side Of Criticism And Why You Should Embrace It

the bright side of criticism and why you should embrace it

Criticism is not always bad. At the end of the day, you have the power to choose how you respond so choose wisely. Here’s the bright side of criticism and why you should embrace it:


1) Humility

Sometimes we refuse to take an honest look at ourselves or acknowledge our own weaknesses. Criticism can teach you to be humble if you’re willing to be open. You may not be aware of certain things that others see in yourself.

2) Improvement

Not all criticisms are bad. Some can actually help you grow. It allows you to work on yourself and become a better person. Never automatically assume that people are out to get you. Sometimes constructive criticism can give you an opportunity to improve.

3) New perspectives

It will enable you to have new perspectives and consider things you never thought of before. Let it expand your mind. Maybe you do need to change your ways in order to grow as person or lead a better life.

Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light. -Dan Brown

4) Active listening

You can practice active listening while being criticised by others. Instead of thinking of ways to respond or defend yourself, just listen. Let them finish and pay attention to what they are saying. You might learn something from it.

5) Patience

Criticisms can help you master the art of controlling your emotions. Try to be more patient instead of immediately reacting to harsh criticisms. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be too sensitive about certain things. Don’t waste your energy on comments you don’t like to hear.

6) Problem solving

Criticism allows you to enhance your problem-solving skills. Avoid ranting or complaining after getting criticised. Instead of focusing on how you feel, what can you do to solve the problem or fix the situation?


7) Rational thinking

It can help you think rationally. Try to stay calm instead of taking it personally or lashing out without filtering your thoughts. Acknowledge any truth and work on the issues. Don’t get too emotional or assume the worst.

8) It’s okay to have flaws

Accept your weaknesses and always remind yourself that it is impossible to be perfect. Learn from feedbacks and work on your flaws. You are human after all and there’s always room for improvement.

9) Confidence

If you don’t let criticism get to you and still go after what you want despite the negativity, you will end up being a more confident person. Sometimes you just have to let people have their say and pursue your goals anyway.

10) The power to let go

Having the ability to let things go will help make it easier for you to deal with other challenges in life. You have the power to control how you want to react. Don’t dwell on criticism. Sometimes it’s not worth your time and energy.