These 4 Typical Beliefs Are Ruining Your Life. Here’s How To Improve Them.

4 typical beliefs are ruining your life. Here's how to improve them

You tend to blame external factors like someone else’s tardiness or even traffic when you had a bad day. The truth is, these things exist by themselves. You still have to face traffic jams every morning as everyone is rushing to work. The real factor for your annoyance isn’t the traffic but how it’s affecting your perception of time. Same goes for someone’s unpunctuality. Your expectation is for them to come on time. But when they aren’t, you become annoyed. The way you think can be the reason for your unhappiness in life.  These 4 typical beliefs are ruining your life. Here’s how to improve them.


Blaming your past

Everyone makes mistakes. It shouldn’t define who you are but should teach you a lesson. Use your mistakes as an opportunity to become a better person, not for over-thinking that will ruin your present and future. It is called past problems for a reason. Past should remain in the past. You can acknowledge it but don’t unpack your bags and settle for that.

Nothing is perfect

Most of you are chasing perfection when in reality, it doesn’t even exist. Having a mindset that tells you to be perfect is not a good thing. When things go wrong, you’ll become more disappointed and frustrated with yourself over what should have been and could have been. The best way is to not strive for perfection but to keep on improvising.


Stop over worrying

Worrying about things is normal. But if you can’t attain control over it, that can lead to over-worrying. For example, doing a presentation can be quite scary sometimes. Your mind will start wandering and that’ll make you feeling anxious about what could happen. It’s even worse when your mind starts playing an upsetting scenario over and over again. Instead of worrying for every second, assign yourself to do nothing for about 30 to 45 minutes.

You can’t control everything.

The traffic scenario possibly is the best example to explain this belief. Despite knowing that traffic will occur every single day, you still get pissed when it happens to you. You have set your mind to be pissed when something inconvenient comes your way. Change it by stop over-thinking and learn that you can’t control everything. Change your thinking to change your perspective on life.