Top 3 Tips for Working Pregnant Women

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Congrats on the pregnancy! While you and your partner are absolutely thrilled about the news, you do need to calm down and come up with a plan on how to break the news at work and manage the workload.

Here are top 3 tips for working pregnant women to know about.

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TIP 1: When to Break the News?

It’s understandable you want to keep the happy news private, but you might not have the luxury to keep the news under wraps for long. Most women prefer to share the happy news after the pregnancy is stable and that usually occurs after the first trimester. If you are having symptoms such as morning sickness and extreme fatigue right from the get-go of your pregnancy, then you will have to speak to your boss and colleagues early on.  If you don’t, your boss or colleagues might wonder about your sudden bout of constant sick leave and looking unwell. So, the best way is to inform them early to manage expectations. However, you can have them keep the news private until you are comfortable to share it with others in the company. If you are one of the rare, blessed ones who does not suffer from any symptoms, then you can decide to break the news after your first trimester or anytime before you start showing.

Bonus Tip: Morning sickness is a misleading term because it can strike at any time! You have been warned. Carry a mint and herbal candy that can help soothe your nausea but do check with a doctor if you aren’t sure if it’s safe for your baby.

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TIP 2: Managing Workload and Expectations

It’s best to be practical about how much you can do during your pregnancy. If you are constantly feeling sick and hardly getting any sleep, it’s good to delegate heavier projects to your team members. You can also speak to your superior about managing workload. If you are holding a managerial position, talk to your team so that they will expect to pick up the ball when you are out sick. Speak to your superior to see if it’s possible to work from home. Working from home allows you to do some quality work while you are well but allow you the freedom to take a break when the symptoms hit. Working from home is not a benefit a lot of companies adopt but you can always explore that option.

Bonus Tip: If you have a priority project that you don’t want to or can’t pass on then reach out to your team for additional support. The tip is to ask for help early on so they won’t feel as if you are dumping them extra work last minute.  

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TIP 3: Smaller Meals

If you are suffering from nausea, it’s a great idea to eat smaller meals. Most pregnant women have digestion issues so take a smaller meal during lunch and snack more often throughout the day. Remember to drink water as well especially if you have severe vomiting from morning sickness.  

Bonus Tip: Snack on fruits and nuts. Check out the benefits of incorporating nuts into your pregnancy diet here.

Have a healthy pregnancy and remember to embrace and enjoy the journey even though it may not always be pleasant. When the going gets tough, do get support from your partner and remind yourself that at the end of the journey, your lovely baby awaits!