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Here are the many recommended best inspirational websites. The list is arranged in no order. I hope the following top motivational blog list will benefit you in every positive way possible be it for your career, finance, relationship, health, personal growth and in every other aspects of your life.

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Top motivational blogs to follow

1.Great Big Minds – Mine. Some of our best articles are: –

2.Tiny Buddha by Lori Deschene. Features stories and tips about happiness, love, relationships, change, spirituality and much more.

3. Addicted 2 Success by Joel Brown. Focus mainly on motivational content that has a lot to do with becoming a successful human being.

4. MindBodyGreen by Colleen and Jason. Offering unique approach to true wellness and holistic living.

5. Even though they publish a variety of other content like tech, design and technology, they have inspiring articles worthy of a read too.

6. SUCCESS. Providing an exclusive motivational perspective and training when it comes to achieving your goals. Get inspirational content from some of their featured top CEOs and entrepreneurs of the world.

7. I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. New York Times bestselling author shares practical guide to effective money management for budding entrepreneurs and just about everyone else.  

8. Pick The Brain by Erin Falconer. Unlike any self-help websites around, they take broader approach in covering a wide spectrum of personal development topics that include personal productivity, motivation, self-education, phycology and philosophy.

9. Get Rich Slowly by J.D. Roth. As the title suggested, this website shares real strategies to saving, investing and getting out of debt in the most practical way and ultimately achieving financial freedom.

10. Wealthy Gorilla by Dan Western.  In this site, it includes some of the most amazing content you can find on self-improvement as well on entrepreneurship.

11. Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg. In his blog, Henrik writes a lot about simplifying life, increasing productivity, raising self-esteem & confidence as well as living more fulfilling and happier lives.

12. Live Your Legend by the late Scott Dinsmore. Inspired by one of the greatest self-improvement books of all time, The Alchemist, this blog aims at helping their audience discover who they are and their true purpose in life.

13. Motivation Grid by Cris Nikolov. As one of the top go-to motivational blog, they share bite-sized inspiration, so you can start picking up as soon as you read them.

14. Goalcast. With over 18 million followers and subscribers across their social account platform, Goalcast shares powerful videos and content that inspires even the most inspired.

15. Live Bold & Bloom by Barrie Davenport. As a life long truth seeker, Barrie shares content on managing challenges, minimizing sufferings, and finding fulfilment in life.

16. Success Consciousness by Remez Sasson. As a avid self-improvement author himself, Remez writes practical “how-tos” for achieving success and improving one’s life.

17. Conscious Company Media. Their publication is everything about doing business better. Through their content, they cover mostly topics on business success and becoming better leaders for yourself and future generations.

18. One Step 4ward by Johnny Ward. Following the real-life account of Jonny, he writes and inspires his readers on how he was able to make money while travelling the world.

19. Fearless Motivation. Sole mission is to empower their audience to start taking responsibilities for their lives. To achieve success, they inspire people to start taking action.

20. Positively Present by Dani DiPirro. Dani shares strategies and insights about self-love, how to be positive and living in the moment.

21. Zen Habits by Leo Babauta. As you run through the blog, you’ll find content in line with simplicity and mindfulness. The website itself portrays that, ensuring a clutter-free space only with the most important information you’ll need.      

22. Life Hack by Leon Ho. In his blog, he breaks down complicated questions in life into simple answers. By doing so, readers are more motivated to apply and change their lives for the better.

23. Menprovement by Sean Russell and Artur Kot. Mostly on building better world-class, sophisticated men.

24. Think Simple Now by Tina Su. This blog is built with the community in mind, shares self-reflective stories and lessons from real people.

25. Everyday Power by Jeff Moore. As an educator and speaker, Jeff delivers guidance, advise and fresh ideas on how to overcome obstacles, be more confident and make a difference in the world.

26. The Minds Journal. It features stories and promote personal development thoughts from writers across the world.

27. Be Inspired Channel showcases empowering videos and content to help you get through difficult times.

28. The Start Of Happiness by Brendan Baker. This blog aims to help build your lifestyle in ways you are passionate and excited about. It focuses on living your life the way you desire and and ultimately make a living from it.

29. Mindvalley by Vishen Lakhiani, international speaker and author of the NYT bestselling book – Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Mindvalley specializes in innovation in education by introducing wellness, mindfulness and personal development into global education. Some notable people featured on our platform are Joel Brown, Tom Bilyeu, Jay Shetty, Dave Asprey, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Peter Diamandis, Shawn Achor to name a few.

30. The STRIVE is motivational media brand determined to get people inspired to live their greatest life. The company is hellbent on publishing content that lifts people up and gets them striving for their dreams again.

If you know of any inspirational blog that is fitting for this list, drop me a comment below.


  1. Great list, some of my favourites are here – in particular, Positivity Blog, Live Bold and Bloom, Positively Present and of course, Great Big Minds.

    I myself have a growing motivational blog – Little Blog of Positivity. I’d love for you to check it out if you have a minute and maybe even consider adding me to your list 🙂

    Thanks for all you do.


    • Hey Alison, glad you can come by. Thank you for your comment and happy to know Great Big Minds is in your lists of favourites.
      We’ll definitely keep your site in mind when we go through another round of updates in due time. Cheers.

    • Thanks for commenting, Emilia. I agree with you. We can all benefit from personal development programs. It it crucial however that we understand not all programs are made equal. It’s recommended to at least review through about the program we are interested in and see if it has been benefiting for the students. I recommend looking through Udemy, an online course platform offering a multitude of specific courses and topics. I’m pretty sure you and the rest of the readers will find something interesting to learn about on it. 🙂

  2. Are you ready to embrace uncertainty and build the life you want?
    The world is waiting for us to tell our stories and live our dreams.

    • Hi Bhd1978, thanks for prompting the question. I’m sure this is something we should be obligated to ask ourselves about. The more we courageously face truth and reality, the better we are at planning, executing and achieving all of our dreams and desires. Stay awesome.

    • Hello Andrea, glad you find the list helpful. Despite all the motivations and feeling motivated, never underestimate the importance of taking action, not matter how small it may be. Slowly but surely, you will get there. Stay awesome

  3. We all face difficult time in our life and slows down but some word like these give us boost to life our better. Thanks for these article made mu day. Now i will read them daily. Thanks

  4. Hi it is very motivating.thank you fir doing great job ,here i happily shared my blog ,it is a small one compared to yours ,i got inspired like you people thank you .

  5. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for this list! It was good to discover some new sites, including your own. I read your article, “22 Realistic Tips How To Get Your Life Together”, and found your advice to be clear, concise, and actionable.

    Might I suggest my own blog,, for this list? I believe my specialty is advice that is abstract and conceptual, but also universal and timeless. Take a look if you get the chance!


  6. Great list!!

    Personally, I love to read self Improvement blogs. Because I think everybody should have this habit of self Improvement to grow and become a better person.

    However, I have a little suggestion, you can also add in your
    list. It is also a great personal development blog.

    By the way, great article!

  7. I dissent with many of the ideas you mentioned, but still eager to read more such content. Keep going, and best of luck. Anxiety is a mental disorder that has a direct impact on over twenty million Americans. It is characterized by unfounded feelings of fear and anxiety. It may also manifest physical as a racing heart racing thoughts, and breathing problems.


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