Train Your Brain To De-Stress and Be Present With A 5 Minute Tea Meditation

trains your brain to de-stress and be present with a 5 minute tea meditation

There are all sorts of meditation that give you the energy to focus throughout the day and bring you into the present moment. One of it is the Japanese Tea Meditation. It also can be understood by one phrase: one time, one meeting. It will remind you of the only time we have (the present) and the uniqueness of every moment we have. By doing the tea meditation, it gives you the opportunity to be completely present, grateful and live with an open heart. Below are the steps to train your brain to de-stress and be present with a 5 minute tea meditation.


1. Make the tea

Be sure to be completely present in every step of doing it. Starting from getting your tea bag until to cleaning your glass after you’re finished. Once you’ve made yourself a cup of tea, sit with it, breathe in the aroma, feel the warmth, and visualize the journey of the tea leaf as it came to you.

2. Thankful

Always remind yourself to be thankful before drinking your tea. Not just that, be thankful for the moment you have, your health, the water, the leaves, and even your chair.


3. Savor the drink

As you drink your tea, your mind can wander to a lot of places. Focus and bring it back with the sensation of the tea, the taste, the smell and the feeling of it in your tongue. As you drink, there might be some thoughts creeping into your mind. Acknowledge them and let them pass. Try your best to savor every moment.

4. Be thankful, again

After you’ve done with your tea, be thankful, again.  Practicing gratitude in life can bring happiness and helps you to stay present. It will also enhance your experience of life and fill your day with clarity and peace.