Understanding Why Planning Is Important For Success

Planning is important for success

It goes without saying that if one fails to plan, one plans to fail. Such words ring true to everybody who has ever had a chance to experience failure.

This is evident in the many failed new years resolutions we all somehow were unable to achieve be it an exercise regime, a diet change or a new skill to be acquired. Here are essentially why at Great Big Minds, we believe planning is important for success.

“Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” — Fitzhugh Dodson

Why do we need to plan?

Many may view planning as a bore and it may seem like an ‘inconvenient’ step. However, at its core, planning can prove to be of great help to everyone.

Without proper planning, we see the usual symptoms of sliding back into our normal and mundane schedule of life.


Proper planning is much needed to not only encourage us to achieve the goal we set out for but also to break it up into bite size pieces and small goals that makes achieving much more attainable .

Planning may not seem like it’s an integral part to success but once you yield it’s benefit, it’ll proof essentially important in every area of your life.

Planning gives us a clear perspective on what needs to be done, what goals are to be achieved and what amount of time is to be or will be spent on completing the said goals.

It is highly relevant to say that planning can be closely associated with having proper time management as it encourages the planner to set aside a reasonable time for a specific task before moving ahead to the next.

These self imposed deadlines is a healthy form of motivation which is much needed for natural procrastinators alike.

“Planning is bringing the future into present so that you can do something about it now.” — Alan Lakein


Benefits of planning

What planning does is it helps prepare a guideline; relatively a timeline on how to maintain and reach goals that we have set up for ourselves, like a map.

The good thing about this map is that it is easily adapted into to each individual depending on the circumstances.

We are all exposed to some form of planning in one way or another. The most common way to see the benefits of planning in action is when we plan our holidays.

An itinerary is needed to keep track of what needs to be done before the trip, places to visit or things to do. Planning is also used widely when planning ones budget.

By planning ahead, the amount of stress and frustration that can be avoided is huge. This allows for a better experience of the holiday with your travelling companions.

Even in terms of budgeting, one can rest assure that their finances are well tracked to prevent any overspending. This allows for proper spending and saving of one’s money and achieving one’s long term and short term financial goals.

“Make time for planning; wars are won in the general’s tent.” — Stephen R. Covey


The outcome of planning?

For the avid planner, planning has become an essential part of life. A natural instinct and reflex response to a new task or situation.

Planning has been proven to assist the planner in experiencing an increase in productivity and efficiency in a company or social life.

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Planning allows for the planner to sift out any distraction towards the original plan and to keep focused on the main plan.

There is no doubting that there will be adjustments and variable factors which will come into play in the planning stages.

The wonderful part of having a plan is that it is able to accommodate such variables and reduce the amount of stress that the planner may experiences compared to when there is no plan in place.

A swift change to the plan will do and it can be done with little to no efforts at all.

All these advantage of planning has to be associated with the nature of planning.

Planning puts pen into paper the skeletal schedule and goals to meet along the way.

It is highly flexible and customizable to every user and can accommodate small and large plans all at once.

This fact remains the main reason as to why organizations and companies use short term and long term planning in meeting their vision and mission.

This ultimately promotes efficiency, productivity and a target for the end goal to be met by the organization.

“Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan.” — Margaret Thatcher



So it can be said that the benefits of planning far outweighs its supposed disadvantage.

If large and small organizations alike practice planning to meet their goals and to experience growth, imagine the wonders  that planning can do to our lives.

One can start by putting pen into paper on what goals you want to achieve this new year and break it down and start planning how you are going to achieve the goal you have set out for yourself. GOOD LUCK!

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