What To Do When You Feel Behind In Life

what to do when you feel behind in life

It’s probably normal to feel like a failure sometimes. We have goals we think we should accomplish by a certain age and we want to fit in. But why should we let that make us feel less than we are? If you’re not established or successful like everyone you know, it doesn’t mean you’re inadequate or weak. Don’t be too hard on yourself because everyone has their own timeline. Here’s what to do when you feel behind in life:


1) Stop thinking there’s something wrong with you

Avoid negative self-talk like a plague. It will damage your self-esteem and harm your confidence. Always tell yourself that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you and it’s okay not to have everything together right now. Your time will come, so don’t worry about not being where you think you should be in life.

2) Rome was not built in a day

Sometimes greatness takes time. Try not to stress about timelines and schedules too much. It’s not a race. You don’t need to figure everything out at once. Take your time to figure out what you really want to do in life. Start small. If you want to learn a new skill, take a course. Find out as much as you can about your passion or interest and then just go for it.

3) Understand that it’s okay to be different

Some people want to be married by 30. Some want to be a senior manager by 40. Let them be. There’s nothing wrong with being single. There’s no need to feel embarrassed for not having a high position in your company. Try to look at the positive side of things. At least you have a job and you’re doing your best.


4) You don’t need to compare yourself to others

Does anyone really have everything figured out? Don’t be fooled by appearances. Everyone has their own struggles, even if things look perfect from the outside. Just focus on yourself, your own life, and your dreams. Once you stop comparing, it will be easier for you to move forward and gain the confidence that you need.

5) Figure out what you really like or want

Don’t be afraid to pursue something you’re passionate about or have always wanted to do, no matter how silly people might think it is.  If you’re not sure what to do in life, ask yourself what would make you truly happy. Make a list. Write down the pros and cons. Think about your main objective when you’re trying to decide which path to take.

6) Face your fears and take the plunge

Sometimes we are afraid to pursue something that we know would make us happy. Opportunities could be staring us right in the face but we freeze because we don’t have enough confidence. Don’t let your fears stop you from experiencing amazing things. Do your homework and just jump to the life you’ve always wanted.


7) Enjoy the ride

Your happiness is important. Stop worrying about what people might say or think. It’s your life and you only get one shot. Be a long-term traveller if that’s what you have always wanted to do. Write if it makes you happy. A six-figure salary will not guarantee a fulfilled life. Just focus on being content because if you keep living for others or letting people dictate your life, you will never discover your true potential.