Why You Need To Stop Being Addicted To Your Phone And Live In The Present

why you need to stop being addicted to your phone and live in the present

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to see people do something without looking at their phones. We have more on-screen moments because we spend most of our time on social media, mobile games, and YouTube. We let life pass us by and keep ourselves busy with devices because it’s the normal thing to do. If you want to truly live life, you have to learn to break away from the social norm. Here’s why you need to stop being addicted to your phone and live in the present:


1) You talk less

Do you reach for your phone when there’s an awkward silence or right after you snap a few photos? When you keep staring at your phone while you’re spending time with your loved ones, you tend to talk less. Put your phone down during meals and coffee outings. Talk to each other. Everyone’s busy with their own life, so make the most of your time together. Your social media accounts will still be there and it won’t kill you to pause for a while. Instead of scrolling through your Facebook timeline or checking out Instagram photos, just be present.

2) You see less

There’s so much to see in this world but you won’t notice them if you’re always busy with your phone. Try people-watching once in a while. Look at the rain. Enjoy the view of a beautiful sunset. Just be present and immerse yourself in your surroundings. Upload your pictures later instead of letting social media take control of your life. Life is full of wonders and beautiful things. Pay attention and you will realise that there’s more to life than Facebook and Instagram.


3) You experience less

Stop fussing with your phone when you’re on holiday. Don’t bother with WiFi when you’re out and about. Live in the moment. Climb that mountain. Enjoy the beach. Not because you want to impress others with your photos, but because you want to truly experience these moments and make the most of every second you have. Why travel far and spend so much if you’re not going to go all out? You don’t need to update your status or upload your pictures right there and then. Wait till the end of the day and be present.

4) You learn less

When you choose social media, mobile games, and music videos over books, you will learn less. You don’t have to wait until you go on a trip to read a good book. Do something beneficial once in a while. Read articles or watch videos that can broaden your knowledge. Take a break from what you’re used to. Learn new skills. Discover new hobbies.


5) You miss out on life

If you spend 80% of your time on your phone, you will miss out on a lot of things in life. You only get one shot, so make the most of it. Take charge of your life and don’t be a victim of technology. If people can truly live life before it came about, so can you.