Why You Should Be Grateful Even Though You Don’t Have Everything In Life

why you should be grateful even though you don’t have everything in life

It’s probably safe to say that we’re all guilty of wanting more in life. We want more money so we can travel and buy things. We wish we had more time for work and loved ones. In a nutshell, there’s always something we need or desire in order to be happier. We are so busy focusing on what we don’t have that we forget to pay attention to what we do have. Here’s why you should be grateful even though you don’t have everything in life:


1)  The grass is not always greener on the other side

You may envy some of your friends or colleagues, but don’t be too quick to look down on your own life because what you see is not always the whole truth. People tend to only show the good side of things on social media. They post nice photos and share their amazing experiences but don’t highlight any mishaps they might have encountered. You may think that some people are lucky for having everything anyone could ever ask for, but just remember that everyone has their own struggles in life. Nothing is perfect, so be thankful for what you have (or don’t).

2) You are alive

This is something many forget to acknowledge. Your life is a gift. Instead of complaining about your problems or whining about what you don’t have all the time, try to take a moment to reflect. You are lucky to be able to breathe and be a part of this world. Be grateful for the very fact that you are alive and still have the opportunity to make things happen or go after your dreams. Live today as if it was your last day and don’t waste your life with negativity.


3) You have your health

It’s probably normal to whine when we get sick but some people can’t see, walk, or do anything without the help of others. Others don’t have much time left in this world. Be grateful for being healthy. You don’t have an excuse for not working hard to achieve your goals in life. You are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.

4) You have a roof over your head

You might think it’s nothing to shout about but some people can’t even afford to rent a room. We see beggars on the streets but we don’t really pay much attention to them. But imagine being in their shoes. We grumble when there’s no electricity yet it’s nothing compared to what some people have to endure. Always remember that having a roof over your head is a privilege not everyone can enjoy.


5) You have family and friends

You may have arguments with your family or friends from time to time, but at least you have them. Some people have no one to rely on. They are left to continue living this life all alone. If you need an eye-opener, try visit an orphanage or old folks home. Seeing the kids smile despite not having much would make you realise how fortunate you are.

6) You have the privilege to enjoy life

You get to own the latest gadgets, go on vacations, and eat out with your friends while some people can’t afford to buy a meal. Not everyone gets to enjoy these little luxuries and yet we still complain about the smallest things. Always remind yourself that you are lucky to have what you have and try not to dwell over what you don’t.

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