63 Best Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes On Sales, Success & Motivation

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You must have heard that no knowledge is a waste, that’s the statement going round as key quotes to learning and success. Wolf of Wall Street quotes has earned their spot in the business world. The wolf of wall street is an American black comedy film written by Terrance writer and starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who is hungry for wealth and success and who was eventually arrested for fraud and was sent to prison for 22years.

Taylor Swift in one of her 2019 released songs titled The Man, referenced Belfort’s character as a typically male behavior that women are not socially encouraged to portray.

Money makes the world go round is the typical lesson from the wolf of wall street quotes, but what we must remember is that business and other transactions of all kinds make money go round. 

Are you business-oriented? Do you want some inspiration to get started? Keep reading for the best Wolf Of Wall Street quotes.

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63 Best Wolf Of Wall Street Quotes On Sales, Success & Motivation

  1. “Risk is what keeps us young”
  1. “You can watch me, mock me, try to block me but you cannot stop me.”
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  1. “Fall in love with the person who enjoys your madness, not an idiot who forces you to be normal.”
  1. “When you live your life by poor standards, you inflict damage on everyone who crosses your path, especially those you love.”
  1. “I made $49 million, which really pissed me off because it was three shy of a million a week.”
  1. “You show me a pay stub for $72,000, I quit my job right now and work for you.”
  1. “I’ll tell you what, I’m never eating at Benihana again. I don’t care whose birthday it is.”
  1. “I will not die sober!”
  1. “I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!”

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The Wolf of Wall Street quotes to be inspired

  1. “I ain’t going anywhere!”
  1. “Sell me this pen.”
  1. “Nobody knows if a stock’s going up, down or f***ing sideways, least of all stockbrokers. But we have to pretend we know.”
  1. “How the f*** else are you supposed to do this job? Cocaine and hookers, my friend.”
  1. “If anyone here thinks I’m superficial or materialistic, go get a job at f****** McDonald’s, cause that’s where you f****** belong!”
  1. “Then two more every five minutes after that until one of us passes the f*** out.”
  1. “It was obscene in the real world. But who the f*** wanted to live there?”
  1. “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bulls*** story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”
  1. “I choose rich every f****** time.”

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Best Wolf of Wall Street quotes

  1. “How’s being sober?” “It f****** sucks.”
  1. “Let me give you a little legal advice: shut the f*** up!”
  1. “They were drunk on youth, fueled by greed, and higher than kites.”
  2. “After all, guilt and remorse were worthless emotions, weren’t they? Well, I knew they weren’t; but I had no time for them. Forward motion; that was the key. Run as fast as you can and don’t look back.”
  3. “Money is the tool, my child, not the mason; it can help you make acquaintances but not true friends; and it might buy you a life of leisure but not a life of peace.”
  4. “You wanna know what money sounds like? Go to a trading floor on Wall Street.”
  5. “You be ferocious, you be relentless, you be telephone f**king terrorists.”
  6. “Money is the oxygen of capitalism and I wanna breathe more than any man alive.”
  7. “Successful people are 100% convinced that they are masters of their own destiny, they’re not creatures of circumstance, they create circumstance, if the circumstances around them suck they change them.”
  8. “The nice thing about being rescued by Italians is that they feed you, make you drink red wine, then you get to dance.”

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More Wolf of Wall Street quotes on emotions

  1. “Its business, leave your emotions at the door.”
  2. “Work until your bank account looks like a phone number.”
  3. “You know, just… people say s**t. I don’t even know. I don’t even listen to it half the time.”
  4. “97% of the people who quit too soon are employed by the 3% who never gave up.”
  5. “Just like that I made two grand, the other guys looked at me like I just discovered fire.”
  6. “Every person around here, they want to get rich and they want to get rich quickly. They all want something for nothing.”
  7. “Best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn awareness, respect and trust of those who might buy.”
  8. “Hard work beats talent every time.”
  9. “With this script, I’ll teach each and every one of you to be the best.”

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Wolf of Wall Street quotes about intentions

  1. “Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions.”
  2. “The easiest way to make money is – create something of such value that everybody wants and go out and give and create value, the money comes automatically.”
  3. “Rule number one: f**k what they think.”
  4. “Was all this legal? Absolutely not but we were making more money than we knew what to do with.”
  5. “It was as if I was bulletproof or something. How many times had I cheated death?”
  6. “People don’t buy stock; it gets sold to them. Don’t ever forget that.”
  7. “My warriors, who won’t take a no for an answer, who won’t hang up the phone till their client either buys – or f**king dies.”
  8. “When the window of opportunity opens, that’s when you work twice as hard.”
  9. “Give them to me young, hungry and stupid – and in no time I will make them rich.”

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Wolf of Wall Street quotes about winning

  1. “One thing I can promise you is that I never ask my clients to judge me on my winners, I ask them to judge me on my losers because I have so few.”
  2. “Always keep the client on the Ferris wheel.”
  3. “Let me tell you something. There is no nobility in poverty.”
  4. “Whether you say, ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t,’ you’re right either way.”
  5. “The wolf strikes again!”
  6. “You see money doesn’t just buy you a better life, better food, better cars, better women, it makes you actually a better person. You can give generously to your church or political party of your choice.”
  7. “Act as if! Act as if you’re a wealthy man, rich already, and then you’ll surely become rich. Act as if you have unmatched confidence and then people will surely have confidence in you.”
  8. “Winners use words that say ‘must and ‘will’.”
  9. “I’ve got the guts to die. What i want to know is, have you got the guts to live?”
  10. “Yeah, that’s right; money is the greatest single problem-solver known to man.”
  11. “”Perhaps I should have run the other way right then and there, realizing that a guy like this might bring out the worst in me.”
  12. “Pay close attention to people who don’t clap when you win.”
  13. “They’re gonna have to call in the national guard to take me out, cause i ain’t going nowhere!”
  14. “When it’s all said and done, it’s energy we send out into the universe that often comes back to us. That’s a universal law, love.”
  15. “In retrospect, I remember feeling somewhat relieved – that the chaos and insanity would finally be behind me.”
  16. “I want you to back yourself into a corner. Give yourself no choice but to succeed. Let the consequences of failure become so dire and so unthinkable that you’ll have no choice but to do whatever it takes to succeed.”
  17. “I believe in total immersion, if you want to be rich, you have to program your mind to be rich. You have to unlearn all the thoughts that were making you poor and replace them with new thoughts – rich thoughts.” 

Which of these Wolf of Wall Street quotes is your favorite

Jordan might have climbed the ladder of success in his style but it does not stop us from having our reservations about his message in the wolf of Wall Street quotes. For instance, Jordan once said that we can tackle our problems by being rich, and then we wonder what if Jordan’s biggest fear is poverty.

We agree that success is key, that health is wealth and life is full of individuals dying to make money, be rich and escape poverty.

Wolf of Wall Street quotes summarily encourages us to pick up our mats and walk. It doesn’t matter where you came from, where you live or who raised you. What matters is your goal in life. We hope that you are inspired by these quotes. When the night comes knocking at your door, close your own eyes to reboot your spirit. When morning comes, wake up and run towards the path of success.

Which of these quotes is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.