Workplace Survival: 4 Basic Work Ethics You May Want To Keep In Check

4 basic work ethics you may want to keep in check

When you enter the working arena, there are certain things that is expected out of you. Strong work ethics is among key expectations. It may not be obviously stated, but it is something people assume you inherently know or possess. Unfortunately, not everyone may be aware of this. Therefore, here are 4 basic work ethics you may want to keep in check.



There is a saying by William Shakespeare that goes, “better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” Punctuality is of utmost importance especially in the work setting. It is perhaps one of the first few thing that is stressed upon in any job setting. Always be on time. There is no other way around this, unless you are early. Companies track the Bradford factor score nowadays. For many employers, the lack of punctuality is not just a sign of disrespect, it is also a deal-breaker that would reflect on your capability as an employee and as an individual.


Professionalism is an observable trait. It is the umbrella factor that covers everything from appearance, punctuality, and the way you interact with people, your work personality and your sense of responsibility. Being professional means you do not abuse your authority. It also means being courteous to everyone no matter their standings. A professional individual will be able to convey and accept criticisms in a manner solely to improve. They would not take things too personally.



For as long as you are in the working arena, you have a responsibility towards your job. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you complete all tasks within your scope. This does not mean you complete your job in a hasty manner, you still need to give it your best potential. Being responsible also means accountability, where you take personal responsibility for all your actions. Meaning in the event you have done something wrong, own up. After all, honesty is the best policy.

Abide by the rules

As anal as this may sound, it is always better for you to follow the rules that is set at your workplace. Follow dress codes, be aware of company policies. There is a reason why the rules is set in such a way, although some may be utterly ridiculous. But breaking workplace rules could result in serious repercussions. Hence, better to be safe than sorry. Mending the rules is okay, with permission but try to avoid doing this.



Teamwork is how well you work with others. Unless you own your own a one-man business, teamwork is always involved. Diplomacy is important when teamwork is concerned. You must be able to give and receive opinions, criticisms and feedback in a professional manner. Always keep your emotions in check and maintain level headed discussions. Leave differences aside and keep the end goal in mind. Most of all, remember that you are in a team, and not running a one-man show.