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We cover a range of personal development and growth topics: mindfulness, movement, health, relationships, environment, entrepreneurship, leaderships and anything else that goes along the lines of wellness and improving lives.

Good to know and bear in mind on what makes a strong blog post of Great Big Minds:

Popular posts on Great Big Minds has all of these points in common.

  • They are personal and based on real experience of the author. They don’t juggle around with vague details or references. Rather, they catch hold of the readers emotionally through relatable life experiences.
  • They are practical and applicable. Clear steps provide distinct actions readers could follow through.
  • Find and write on topics you know and am passionate about. Are you an expert in meditation or a nutritionist? We would definitely love to hear about your area of expertise.
  • Claims and sources must be referenced. If a particular statistics or study is included in your piece, include a link in [bracket] to that source. e.g [https://greatbigminds.com]
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  • Content must be detailed and unique with word count of at least 1,000 words with no fluffs.
  • Your article must be an original work. Original means no part of the article has been published anywhere else including your own.
  • Cross check for spelling or grammar errors.
  • Keep paragraphs short, best at three sentences or fewer. Reserved any links or self-promotion within your bio only. Note that any links found in the body of the article may be removed.

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